Jan 2 2012

sleeping beauty

Nationality : Danish
Description : Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Red Coral Pendant. This is natural turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona. Arguably, the most beautiful of the turquoise, IHMO. It is a rich colour that typifies turquoise and has an interesting matrix that enhances the stone, without overwhelming it.

Dec 10 2011

repeated customer

Nationality :
Wow! welcome back to Koh Chnag!  Nice to you again!
He visited our shop in 2010, and bought a Tusk of Wild Boar Necklace.
I asked him ” Could I touch YOUR necklace?” I am happy to see my hand work.
I had a quick look, but totally fine!

repeated customer

<Peace Moon’s Warranty>
If any of  Peace Moon items breaks while in your possession, we will replace or repair the item. either you could send  the item with all broken parts to our Address or you could fly to visit us and have a great holiday in koh chang!

Nov 10 2011

moon stone necklace

Nationality :
Description : Moon Stone Necklace as a gift for a special person!

Oct 4 2011

shark teeth fossil

Nationality : Japan
Description : Shark teeth Fossil Necklace

Apr 18 2011

lapis lazuli

Nationality :
Description : Lapis lazuli choker necklace.

Mar 5 2011

necklace & leather bag

Nationality :
Description : Hand made Necklace with Agate and Brace beads. (left)  Adjustable Turquoise Necklace decorated with Snake Bone and spiky shaped Shell. (right)

Nationality : Thailand
Description : Hand-crafted shoulder bag from nubuck brown leather. embedded with labradorite

Feb 21 2011

choker & knife..

Nationality :
Description : Lapis lazuli choker necklace.

Nationality : Germany
Description : Handcrafted Custom Knives features a stainless ATS-34 blade and elephant ivory handle

creative director of  Tekilla Skateboards
repeated customer

Feb 17 2011

ancient roman glass

Nationality : Japan
Description : Ancient Roman Glass beads Necklace, Iridescence and opalescence is are in excellent condition.
early first millennium AD. found in Afghanistan.
repeated customer

Feb 16 2011

wallets and …

Nationality : Germany
Description :  Crocodile hand key chains (left)  Shark skin leather wallet & cowhide grain leather wallet (Center) 925 Sterling Silver Original designed and hand made silver necklace (right)

creative director of  Tekilla Skateboards

Jan 31 2011

moon stone choker

Nationality : Sweden
Description : white Moon stone choker

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