Mar 28 2010

shark teeth fossil

Nationality : Sweden

Description : Shark Teeth Fossil Necklace.

Mar 24 2010


Nationality :

Description : Turquoise decorated with Black Coral, Snake Bone and Shell Beads.

Rocal fishermen believe that Brack Coral has a power which protect you from the sea accident,so that they wear it or have their own one when they go fishing.

Mar 23 2010

leather bag

Nationality :

Description : Round shaped bag hand-crafted from cowhide grain leather. Fastening: zip-top closure. embedded with Green Agate.

Mar 10 2010

stingray leather bag

Nationality :

Description : Genuine Stingray Leather shoulder bag. Stingray is a food resource in Thailand and other countries, and the skins would otherwise be discarded.

Mar 5 2010

animal amulet

Nationality :

Description : Animal Amulet Necklace. a Tusk of Wild Boar decorated with Red Coral. This Necklace was uniquely designed which has a tiny secret pocket. you can put something into the Tusk and cover with Red Coral! no one knows there is something in it…