Dec 30 2008

leather bag

Nationality :

Description : Hand-crafted from cowhide grain leather. a shoulder bag with push-lock closures, embedded with shiva-eye shell. inside zip pocket.

Dec 25 2008

happy xmas!

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Description : Hand-crafted leather bag with circle beaded Patch. features 20 cm long main zip closure. inside fabric lined. (on the left)
Hand-crafted A4 shoulder bag embedded with blue agate stone. Features inside zip pocket.(on the right)

Nationality :

Description : Wild Boar Tusk Necklace

Nationality :

Description : Tiger’s Eye Choker.

Dec 16 2008


Nationality :

Description : necklace

Dec 14 2008

book carrier bag

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the customer who has ordered this bag, he was a traveler.  He always carries his sketchbook and had been looking for a
bag to put his book. but never be able to find it. He came to our shop and discussed together. Then he designed and we made this!

Description : fold and roll up type. features inside zip pocket.
a pocket for pens. Embedded with an oval shaped blue Agate and decorated with Snake Bone.

Dec 12 2008


Nationality :

Description : Lapis Lazuli bracelet.