Feb 16 2012


Nationality :
Description : handcrafted necklace with natural Ruby in Zoisite unpolished rough from Africa.
made by macrame knotting. using candle waxed strings and adjustable back.

Jan 3 2011

leather bag etc..

Nationality : (Painting Artist in India)
Description : Hand-crafted from cowhide dark brown leather and sting ray skin, A boomerang shaped 2 way shoulder and belt bag.

Nationality :
Description : Choker made with unpolished natural shaped Ruby from Africa.

Nationality : Englnd and Germany  (Ferrari Designers)
Description : Hand-crafted cow hide leather belt

Mar 25 2009

ruby & turquoise

Nationality :

Description : Necklace made with truly natural shaped Ruby from Africa.

Nationality :

Description : Turquoise Choker