Apr 25 2009

leather bag

Nationality :

Description : Hand-crafted from cowhide grain leather. a shoulder bag embedded with shiva eye shell.

Apr 14 2009

leather bag

Nationality : Thailand

Description : Hand-crafted from suede cowhide leather. a smooth and soft  crescent shaped shoulder bag.

Apr 10 2009

belt bag

Nationality : Japan

Description : a great tasseled belt bag Hand-crafted from cowhide leather. main zip pocket with tassels. embedded with Turquoise.

Apr 8 2009

labradorite & leather bag

Nationality :

Description : long necktie style Labradorite choker (on the top)  short necktie style Labradorite choker  (in the middle)  hand-crafted Belt bag embedded with spiral seashell. (at the bottom)

Apr 4 2009

belt bag

Nationality : Reunion

Description : Hand-crafted Belt bag