Mar 10 2012

sleeping beauty turquoise

Nationality : Germany
Description : Navajo Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nugget Necklace w/Sterling Silver.
designed and made by Peace Moon.

Feb 20 2012

sleeping beauty turquoise

Nationality : Russia
Description : Navajo Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Nugget Necklace w/Sterling Silver.
designed and made by Peace Moon.

Jan 8 2012


Nationality :
Description : Handcrafted Tibetan Turquoise Adjustable choker

Jan 2 2012

sleeping beauty

Nationality : Danish
Description : Sleeping Beauty Turquoise & Red Coral Pendant. This is natural turquoise from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona. Arguably, the most beautiful of the turquoise, IHMO. It is a rich colour that typifies turquoise and has an interesting matrix that enhances the stone, without overwhelming it.

Dec 12 2011

Silver Jewellery

Nationality : Australia
Description : Persian turquoise (Iran) set in handmade sterling silver Rings.(Left) (Right) designed and made by Peace Moon.

Mar 5 2011

necklace & leather bag

Nationality :
Description : Hand made Necklace with Agate and Brace beads. (left)  Adjustable Turquoise Necklace decorated with Snake Bone and spiky shaped Shell. (right)

Nationality : Thailand
Description : Hand-crafted shoulder bag from nubuck brown leather. embedded with labradorite

Jan 6 2011


Nationality :
Description : Adjustable Necklace made with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rough.  Sleeping Beauty Turquoise from Arizona.

Nationality : New Zealand
Description : a Bear’s Claw Necklace. This Necklace can  be symbolic of Hill Tribe and  Wearing for Protection (Amulet and magical wards) .

was a great pleasure meeting you again. happy trails, Uncle Steve
2010,Dec  repeated customer

Dec 28 2010

leather bag etc..

Nationality :
Description : Hand-crafted Shoulder bag from brown cowhide leather and soft leather tassel decorated with stone beads Joined with candle waxed string.

Nationality : Australia
Description : Genuine Stingray Skin Bracelet
2009 repeated customer

Nationality :
Description : handmade knife, knife features a stainless ATS-34 blade and deer antler handle

Nationality :
Description : TURQUOISE choker necklace
2008 Repeated Customer

Nov 22 2010

leather cuffs/camera case

Nationality : Swedish

Description : Hand-stitched leather cuffs with “shiva’s eye” shell embedded in the middle. 2~3 years old Baby size (left),  Adult size (right) .  Baby and Mum, they are going to wear together!

Nationality :

Description : Hand-crafted from cowhide grain leather. a digital camera case (orange) embedded with Turquoise.

Jul 19 2010


Nationality :

Description : Turquoise Necklace

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