Feb 12 2012

choker & custom knife

Nationality :
Description : handcrafted choker with Labradorite.
made by macrame knotting which takes few days to finish.
using candle waxed strings and adjustable back.

Nationality : England
Description :Handcrafted Custom Knives features a stainless 440C German steel In old Elephant Ivory.
One of the most desirable, and most costly un-adorned knives .
Rory is a Managing Director of PAPA Projects

Feb 21 2011

choker & knife..

Nationality :
Description : Lapis lazuli choker necklace.

Nationality : Germany
Description : Handcrafted Custom Knives features a stainless ATS-34 blade and elephant ivory handle

creative director of  Tekilla Skateboards
repeated customer