Aug 21 2012

labradorite silver bracelet

Nationality :
Description : Handmade adjustable sterling silver cuff bracelet.
This flashy blue green labradorite gemstone is set in stunning sterling silver.
Each piece of our handcrafted  is stamped with “Peace Moon” logo and designed by Peace Moon.

Jan 23 2012

labradorite choker & leather bracelet

Nationality :

Description : handcrafted choker with Labradorite.
made by macrame knotting which takes few days to finish.
using candle waxed strings and adjustable back ( left) hand made soft cow leather bracelet (right).

Dec 30 2011

leather bracelet

Nationality : Greek
Description : Adjustable Handmade Leather Cuff Bracelet with AGabri glass bead (Early Islamic period, 7-10th century) Afghanistan.

Dec 19 2011

mantaray thorn

Nationality :
Description : A very rare stunning authentic Thorn from the Spine of a Manta ray. Discovered in Southern part of Thailand.

All animal products used in the making of our Jewellery and Accessories were not killed for this purpose only but collected by
local fishermen and jungle guides from fish and animals that were already deceased. Peace Moon is a very small company and we
use only minimal amounts of locally found animals and and aquatic life. If you have any concerns or questions about this please feel free to contact us.

Jan 26 2011

croco cuff

Nationality : Russia
Description :Crocodile skin cuff

Jan 15 2011

leather belt etc…

Nationality : Korea born in Russia
Description : Anklet and Bracelet made with Brace beads, Hand-crafted unique shaped cow hide leather belt, Tie Dye skirt (100% soft cotton)

Dec 28 2010

leather bag etc..

Nationality :
Description : Hand-crafted Shoulder bag from brown cowhide leather and soft leather tassel decorated with stone beads Joined with candle waxed string.

Nationality : Australia
Description : Genuine Stingray Skin Bracelet
2009 repeated customer

Nationality :
Description : handmade knife, knife features a stainless ATS-34 blade and deer antler handle

Nationality :
Description : TURQUOISE choker necklace
2008 Repeated Customer

Dec 26 2010

tie dye skirt etc…

Nationality :
Description : Hand-made Tie Dye Dress & Spiral Tie Dye skirt (100% soft cotton)

Nationality :
Description : Hand-crafted from cowhide & python Phone Case Holder for every popular model. Each case is specially designed to fit and protect your mobile phone, as well as offering distinctive good looks with silver concho.

Nationality :
Description : Blue Opal Necklace with silver lock , polished Blue Opal stones from Peru (left)
Spiral Bracelet made with brace (copper). The spirals were bent and then hammered (right)

Blue Opal (from Peru) – Can be used for Spiritual Journeying to protect and help you to go where you wish.  It helps us find the “right action” and diffuse reaction.

Nov 22 2010

leather cuffs/camera case

Nationality : Swedish

Description : Hand-stitched leather cuffs with “shiva’s eye” shell embedded in the middle. 2~3 years old Baby size (left),  Adult size (right) .  Baby and Mum, they are going to wear together!

Nationality :

Description : Hand-crafted from cowhide grain leather. a digital camera case (orange) embedded with Turquoise.

Apr 14 2010

leather bracelet

Nationality :

Description : Hand-crafted leather bracelet.

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