Jan 13 2012

leather craft

Nationality : Swiss
Description : Practical Leather Tri-fold Wallet (dark brown) as a gift .
repeated customer

Nationality : shino,Japanese (center) / Mathieu, French (right)
Description : A Hand-crafted digital camera case(dark brown) embedded with Turquoise. (My friend shino from Japan visited me, had an awesome time! )

Nationality : Southern French
Description : Hand Crafted from Genuine Sting ray wallet (Black). Each piece of leather is hand picked (for looks and quality), cut, stitched and finished all by hand to give years of use and enjoyment.  Hand crafted by Dook / peace moon.
Stingray is a food resource in Thailand and other countries, and the skins would otherwise be discarded.

Dec 19 2011

mantaray thorn

Nationality :
Description : A very rare stunning authentic Thorn from the Spine of a Manta ray. Discovered in Southern part of Thailand.

All animal products used in the making of our Jewellery and Accessories were not killed for this purpose only but collected by
local fishermen and jungle guides from fish and animals that were already deceased. Peace Moon is a very small company and we
use only minimal amounts of locally found animals and and aquatic life. If you have any concerns or questions about this please feel free to contact us.