Dec 25 2011

custom knife

Nationality :
Description : Custom Knife features a stainless ATS-34 blade and Deer antler handle.

Dec 22 2011

wallet & ring

Nationality : Thai
Description : woven dark brown leather wallet. Bi-fold closure with double billfold, two slit pockets, four card slits and flap close coin compartment.
repeated customer (sorry no photo)

Nationality : French
Description : Australian Boulder Opal set in handmade sterling silver top.designed and made by Peace Moon.

Dec 19 2011

mantaray thorn

Nationality :
Description : A very rare stunning authentic Thorn from the Spine of a Manta ray. Discovered in Southern part of Thailand.

All animal products used in the making of our Jewellery and Accessories were not killed for this purpose only but collected by
local fishermen and jungle guides from fish and animals that were already deceased. Peace Moon is a very small company and we
use only minimal amounts of locally found animals and and aquatic life. If you have any concerns or questions about this please feel free to contact us.

Dec 16 2011

leather bag

Nationality : German
Description : Hand-crafted shoulder bag from cowhide grain leather(Orange). Hand stitched without using needles.  Embedded with Tibetan Turquoise, decorated with stone beads and cow bone beads.

Nationality : English
Description : Many items for the Christmas gifts to his Family.
repeated customer (sorry no photo)

Dec 12 2011

Silver Jewellery

Nationality : Australia
Description : Persian turquoise (Iran) set in handmade sterling silver Rings.(Left) (Right) designed and made by Peace Moon.

Dec 10 2011

repeated customer

Nationality :
Wow! welcome back to Koh Chnag!  Nice to you again!
He visited our shop in 2010, and bought a Tusk of Wild Boar Necklace.
I asked him ” Could I touch YOUR necklace?” I am happy to see my hand work.
I had a quick look, but totally fine!

repeated customer

<Peace Moon’s Warranty>
If any of  Peace Moon items breaks while in your possession, we will replace or repair the item. either you could send  the item with all broken parts to our Address or you could fly to visit us and have a great holiday in koh chang!

Dec 8 2011

custom Knife

Nationality : Franch
Description : Handcrafted Custom Knife. Blade Material : 440C German steel. Hippo tusk handle.

Nov 30 2011

woven leather bag

Nationality :
Description : Woven Leather Shoulder Bag with an adjustable shoulder strap. Hand-crafted from cowhide grain leather.
repeated customer from 2009 Dec.

Nov 29 2011

boulder opal ring

Nationality : England
Description : Australian Boulder Opal set in handmade sterling silver top.designed and made by Peace Moon.

Nov 24 2011

Antique sculpture

Nationality :
Description :  Antique sculpture. Stone carving made with Jade.

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